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1. Get access

Once you join, you’ll immediately set up a profile. Then you’ll get an email with next steps.

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2. Start learning

You’ll watch a quick welcome video, then dive right into the course content.

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3. Practice daily

You’ll get practice by (a) speaking out loud with the videos; and (b) following the daily practice plan that goes with each chapter of the course.

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Additional Questions

How much time will this take?

I can’t promise you that you’ll make progress overnight. You almost definitely will not.

Improving any aspect of your Spanish takes time, and you don’t need me to tell you that.

But here’s what I can promise you: if you spend 5 weeks going through the material gradually, you will feel changes in your Spanish.

You’ll feel less shy to speak and more empowered to keep making improvements.

I suggest dedicating around 20 minutes a day: 10 for going through the lessons and 10 for doing the daily practice. The total video content time is just under 3 hours, and you can revisit lessons as much as you need.

I’ve been trying to improve my pronunciation for a while. Will this work for me?

Most learners don’t tackle pronunciation in a systematic way. They lack a clear, intentional learning and practice structure.

When you dedicate a set amount of time focused on one main goal, you can make noticeable progress. That’s what this course helps you do.

Isn’t all this info on YouTube already?

No. There is plenty of great info on YouTube, but this course is far from a collection of YouTube videos.

You’ve probably noticed that your YouTube learning isn’t exactly organized. There’s no inherent structure, and you have 13 different teachers telling you different things.

CSP takes out the guesswork and the googling. It’s a system for learning clear, confident pronunciation from the ground up.

What’s different from what you share on the Breakthrough Spanish YouTube channel?

My YouTube channel is a collection of learning strategies and tips. It’s like a map with a bunch of highlights marked.

In CSP, you get a step-by-step roadmap. It’s like a GPS that tells you where to go, which roads to take to get there, and what to look out for along the way.

I’m fairly advanced. Will this be too basic for me?

If you’re already happy with your pronunciation, this course isn’t for you.

But with most learners I hear from — even advanced ones — there are usually some nagging sounds they can’t quite get. Or a feeling that you’re saying things right, but somehow it still sounds off. Or frustration at frequent responses in English, and you suspect your accent is to blame.

This course will give you a sharper ear for Spanish sounds so you can tweak those things. You will revisit some foundational parts of your pronunciation that you may have skimmed over early on. And you will practice elements of great Spanish that most learners never even consider.

I need to work on other parts of my Spanish right now

Prioritization is important. You can’t learn everything at once.

But most learners neglect pronunciation in favor of more grammar and vocabulary study.

In my experience, better pronunciation goes further. You can know all the grammar and 10,000 words, but if your accent is extremely thick, native speakers will assume your Spanish isn’t as good as it is.

On the flip side, great pronunciation makes them assume your Spanish is better than it is. This gives you more speaking opportunities, more confidence to speak, and helps native speakers understand you better (no more confused looks…)

Every time you speak, you’re engraining pronunciation habits that become harder to change with time. Might as well make sure they are the right habits.

A clear plan to follow

A community of other learners to connect with and learn from

A system to keep you focused and track

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