Breakthrough Spanish

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Roadmap to Conversational

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Build stronger conversation skills and a more effective learning strategy in 6 weeks.


Weekly 60-minute structured conversation sessions (todo en español)

6 module curriculum at your own pace

Lifetime access to content and future updates

Accountability: regular check-ins to keep you on track and provide extra guidance when you’re stuck

✓ Daily Guided Practice: 6 weeks of daily step-by-step practice

6 months membership in the community to connect with other learners in your cohort

1-on-1 feedback & support from Connor, including pronunciation coaching

✓ Clear instruction accessible on any device

✓ 30 day money back guarantee

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Is this course right for my level?

It’s right for you if you…

Are roughly a lower intermediate/intermediate learner — you have a solid foundation but are struggling to use what you know.
Are eager to speak, and willing to trust a process that might be different from what you’re used to
Are struggling to bridge the gap between the Spanish in your head and real communication skills you can use
Have time to dedicate to Spanish right now (life isn’t crazy hectic)

It’s probably not right for you if you…

Just restarting Spanish after many years away from it
Haven’t spent much time with Spanish yet, and are still in your first few months of learning
Are dabbling in Spanish, and not totally sure it’s a priority yet
Are a very advanced learner who can already carry on Spanish conversations with ease, feel quite confident speaking, and satisfied with your existing learning routine

If you’re unsure, please apply above and I’ll ask you some follow-up questions to better gauge if I think it’ll be right for you. If not, I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction!

Breakthrough Spanish