1–on–1 Spanish Coaching

Want to train your pronunciation? Struggling to understand a specific concept in Spanish? Need to prepare for an upcoming event where you expect to speak Spanish?

Schedule a private session with me at your convenience. Sessions are 30 minutes long and cost $45. We’ll meet on Zoom and you’ll leave with personalized tips you can implement today, plus a plan for improving going forward.

Accent Training

Whether you have a relatively strong accent or sound almost like a native, we’ll work together to identify a few key things you can tweak to improve your Spanish pronunciation. We’ll then train those specific things, and you’ll leave with a plan for how you can continue to improve.

Grammar & Vocabulary

Do you struggle to remember words in Spanish? Do grammar concepts go in one ear and out the other? Schedule a coaching session and we’ll identify a few simple things you can do to improve your memory and comprehension of new concepts in Spanish.

Preparation for an Event

Do you have an upcoming work event, wedding, or trip where you expect or hope to speak Spanish? We’ll work together to identify exactly what to focus on so you can have the Spanish you need for that specific scenario.