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Jumpstart your Spanish with a strong foundation — and become an expert Spanish learner along the way.

Learning Spanish doesn’t have to be painful, boring, or some complex system involving 37 apps and a superhuman study routine.

All most people need is a clear plan to follow, a real person to give you feedback when you’re stuck or confused, and system to help you stay on track.

That’s exactly what this program is.

Over the course of 6 weeks, you will build a strong foundation in Spanish , and become an expert Spanish learner along the way (a skill that can help you chop years off the average learning curve).

You’ll get live workshops and Q&As, regular conversation practice, one-on-one feedback and support, audio and video mini-lessons, daily challenges, a small group of supportive learners at your level, and tons more. 

Read more below to see if it’s right for you.

How it works:

Step 1

Learn how to learn so you can confidently follow a strategy that’s right for you.

Step 2

Build a dedicated habit that fits into your schedule, without waking up at 4am or sitting at a desk for 2 more hours a day.

Step 3

Learn the Spanish that’s relevant and useful for your life, with an emphasis on speaking – so you can actually communicate with native Spanish speakers about topics you care about.

What’s Included:

  • 6 modules (49 video lessons) covering learning strategy, pronunciation, grammar, vocab, listening comprehension, and more — all with a focus on real world Spanish. Each module will teach you a specific skill related to Spanish, and you’ll get daily challenges to put that skill into practice for the rest of each week.
  • Weekly live Q&As with me and other learners
  • Weekly small group conversation practice catered to your level
  • Unlimited 20-minute coaching calls and one-on-one email support. Feedback, personalized help & corrections available every day.
  • Daily “here’s what to do today” emails — so you never have to guess
  • A small group of other learners (plus me!) for support.
  • A lot more (read below)

I have been trying to learn Spanish for about 4 years. The tips and shortcuts that Connor shared let me make a lot more progress in these 6 weeks than I had in the 4 years prior.

– Mary Ellen


Weekly live Q&As + Conversation practice

  • Each week during the challenge, you’ll have two live sessions you can join. Each will have time for Q&A and conversation practice on a certain theme.

Daily Guidance:

  • Each morning, you’ll get “Here’s What To Do Today” Emails that let you know exactly what to focus on that day. When you know exactly what to do, you can keep your momentum rolling and get right to the important stuff.

WEEK 1: “Roadmap to Conversational Spanish”

  • Get a clear plan to follow every single day, so you can focus and avoid distraction and indecision.

WEEK 2: “Pronunciation Made Simple”  

  • Build the foundation for natural sounding Spanish. Personal accent coaching, exercises, reference audio, and more.  

WEEK 3: “Build a Vocabulary for Your Life” 

  • Learn how to build a Spanish vocabulary that’s both useful and relevant to YOUR life (not just whatever an app tells you to learn). A 10-min-a-day system for building a practical vocabulary. 

WEEK 5: “At-Home Immersion”

  • A proactive approach to improving your comprehension over time. Regular exercises, strategies, and breakdowns to help you understand fast Spanish and learn from content you enjoy.

WEEK 4: “Grammar On Demand”  

  • A new way to think about grammar. Learn how to internalize grammar in context from content you enjoy. Get shortcuts to help you express yourself in the past, conditional and future without waiting years until you “get there”. 

WEEK 6: “Step-by-Step Fluency”  

  • Build fluency in small steps (rather than waiting for it to magically appear). We’ll ease into speaking so it’s not intimidating, building up your speaking confidence gradually. 

“I’m actually quite astonished at how much I understand when I hear people speak. I really can pick up the majority of what’s being talked about, it’s very cool. So surprised that all of a sudden it’s making sense in my mind, vs. a month ago listening saying what??”

– Louis


BONUS #1: My curated list of Spanish learning resources & content recommendations

BONUS #2: Email support between live sessions for any Spanish learning questions you have.

BONUS #3: Ability to book one 20-minute private coaching/tutoring session with me each week. Get questions answered, personalized guidance, and more.

For 90 days after joining you can request your money back — for any reason. I’ll send it back within 24 hours.

Connor helped me create a motivating vision and a solid learning routine within a few weeks. I’m learning more Spanish every single day, and because I enjoy the process, I’m actually sticking to it.

– Ryan

By focusing on ways of incorporating Spanish into things that I already enjoy, I am making much more progress and gaining more confidence. Instead of just studying vocab and verbs in some arbitrary order, I am learning the words and ways to use Spanish for my own life.

– Steve

During the Program, You’ll Get:

It’s like having a personal trainer for your language goals.

The right language learning strategy makes consistency easy and fun.

Be confident in how you’re spending your time, so you get more out of the minutes you have.

Get 1-on-1 feedback on grammar, pronunciation, usage of words & phrases, and any other aspect of the language you have questions on.

After going through Roadmap to Conversational, you will be able to…

Express yourself in a basic way, handle everyday interactions in Spanish, discuss your interests and work, and most importantly: you’ll know what to do to continue improving your Spanish long after the end of this program.

You will:

  1. Know exactly what you need to do each day to learn in a brain-friendly way
  2. Get regular, effective speaking practice, even if you’re introverted
  3. Learn grammar without staring at conjugation tables like I did in high school
  4. Make yourself understood with an accent that is clear and accurate. 
  5. Understand native speakers in short, natural dialogues — and know exactly how to build up towards understanding fast, real-world Spanish. 
  6. Turn content you enjoy into effective tools that make Spanish actually stick.


  • 1x Per Week: 
    • Live Q&A
  • 1x Per Week:
    • Live conversation groups

Who is this program for?

  • Beginners: 
    • If you have had little to no contact with Spanish, this is for you.
  • False Beginners: 
    • If you studied Spanish at some point but have forgotten a lot of it, this is you.
    • If you have studied French/Italian/Portuguese, this is you. 
  • Upper beginners:
    • If you have had more contact with Spanish, but don’t feel confident using it in any way, and would like to fill in the gaps, this can help you.

Questions? Email me at connor@breakthroughspanish.com (please check your Spam if you don’t see a reply).

This 6 week course is indeed a Breakthrough Challenge that has helped get me on the beam to continue studying. Thank you so much, Connor! 

– Cameron

“I highly recommend Connor as a Spanish coach! He patiently guided me through my first foray into Spanish learning and personalized my approach so that it was effective, efficient, and fun! Most importantly, he has continued to hold me accountable to my goals and keep me motivated. After years and years of saying, “I should learn Spanish” I am finally doing it! Thank you, Connor!”

– Sonia

“I want to tell you that I very much enjoyed the class. I think you have a great teaching style and your presentations were excellent. The information that you conveyed was very valuable. You have tremendous insight into language learning and you did a great job sharing really good motivation, tips and tricks, etc.”

– Scott

Program Investment: $397

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For 90 days after joining you can request your money back — for any reason. I’ll send it back within 24 hours.