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If you’re an expat and regular traveler to a Spanish speaking country, you need a clear plan for learning Spanish.

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“The tips and shortcuts that Connor shared let me make more progress in these 6 weeks than I had in the 4 years prior.
– Mary Ellen

Connor Kane, Spanish coach at Breakthrough Spanish

You know you want to learn Spanish. Now you need a way to make it finally happen.

🤳You’ve downloaded some apps

But you’re not super excited about staring at your phone all day, trying to tap your way to fluency — plus you know it’s never going to get you all the way there.

🏛 You’ve looked at formal classes

But the thought of driving to a class, listening to dry lectures, and doing grammar homework doesn’t exactly get you fired up to learn.

🔨You’ve considered DIYing

But the DIY route takes time. Researching ALL the options seems overwhelming, and you don’t want to waste your time on strategies that aren’t right for you. Plus, who will you practice with?

Learning Spanish should be an exciting challenge — not a painful chore. 

Of course there will be hard parts! Any skill worth learning has those.

But most learners waste time with strategies that aren’t right for them, turning the process into a constant struggle.

The whole thing can make you feel like you’re just “not good at languages”… and so you give up. 

I help expats and other Spanish learners combine the structure & guidance of a traditional class + the personalization & convenience of modern online learning.

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Connor helped me create a motivating vision and a solid learning routine within a few weeks. I’m learning more Spanish every single day, and because I enjoy the process, I’m actually sticking to it.
– Ryan

By focusing on ways of incorporating Spanish into things that I already enjoy, I am making much more progress and gaining more confidence. Instead of just studying vocab and verbs in some arbitrary order, I am learning the words and ways to use Spanish for my own life.
– Steve

*PSA: Learning Spanish has little to do with how smart, young, or ‘good at languages’ you are — and a lot to do with how consistent you are and the methods you use. 

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