Build More Confident
Conversational Spanish

A handful of pronunciation mistakes keep most learners feeling unconfident and unsure about their accents. This guide will teach you 8 keys to sounding more natural and smooth in your Spanish pronunciation.

I also recorded an audio walkthrough so you can hear all the examples in the guide.

Learning conversational Spanish should be an exciting challenge — not a painful chore. 

Of course there will be hard parts! Any skill worth learning has those.

But most learners waste time with strategies that aren’t right for them, turning the process into a constant struggle.

The whole thing can make you feel like you’re just “not good at languages”… and so you give up. 

I help upper beginners start to build Spanish speaking & listening confidence

Here’s something no one enjoys: learning Spanish for months (or years) and still feeling like you have zero practical ability to use it.

I’ve been there myself, learning all the right tenses and rules but not being able to make simple small talk. I’ve also learned that learning can be a lot more engaging, efficient, and fun than what most of us experience in traditional classrooms and popular apps.

That’s why I started Breakthrough Spanish.

Through courses, group coaching, and free resources, my goal is to help you escape from beginner’s Spanish and finally start using your Spanish.

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Let me read it first

Saturday Spanish Newsletter

Working with Connor was the most valuable thing I’ve done for my Spanish in years! He really understands the learning process and explains things in a way that actually clicked for me when compared to what I learned in school.
– Molly

By focusing on ways of incorporating Spanish into things that I already enjoy, I am making much more progress and gaining more confidence. Instead of just studying vocab and verbs in some arbitrary order, I am learning the words and ways to use Spanish for my own life.
– Steve

Get the Spanish Pronunciation mini-lesson

8 uncommon tips to sound more like a Spanish speaker today – even if you don’t think you have “an ear” for accents.