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“The tips and shortcuts that Connor shared let me make more progress in these 6 weeks than I had in the 4 years prior.
– Mary Ellen

Connor Kane, Spanish coach at Breakthrough Spanish

Learning Spanish should be an exciting challenge — not a painful chore. 

Of course there will be hard parts! Any skill worth learning has those.

But most learners waste time with strategies that aren’t right for them, turning the process into a constant struggle.

The whole thing can make you feel like you’re just “not good at languages”… and so you give up. 

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Here’s something no one enjoys: learning Spanish for months (or years) and still feeling like you have zero practical ability to use it. I’ve been there myself, learning all the right tenses and rules but not being able to make simple small talk. 

That’s why I created this free email course. You don’t need to know every word or every tense to start using your Spanish. 

You need the pieces of Spanish that make the biggest impact on your ability to communicate – and the skills to learn those things effectively. 

Over the next 5 days, you’ll learn how to: 

  1. Avoid the 5 mistakes that keep most learners stuck and afraid to speak
  2. Start developing clear, natural-sounding Spanish 
  3. Use your English knowledge to dramatically improve your Spanish vocabulary
  4. Learn essential grammar effectively, without staring at conjugation tables
  5. Form complex sentences with simple swaps, and express the past and future
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Whether your only word is hola or you’re dusting off your Spanish 1 before a trip or move, this course is for you.

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Connor helped me create a motivating vision and a solid learning routine within a few weeks. I’m learning more Spanish every single day, and because I enjoy the process, I’m actually sticking to it.
– Ryan

By focusing on ways of incorporating Spanish into things that I already enjoy, I am making much more progress and gaining more confidence. Instead of just studying vocab and verbs in some arbitrary order, I am learning the words and ways to use Spanish for my own life.
– Steve

*PSA: Learning Spanish has little to do with how smart, young, or ‘good at languages’ you are — and a lot to do with how consistent you are and the methods you use. 

Your Spanish Coach

Hey! I’m Connor. I’m a native English speaker who grew up speaking only English, meaning I’ve been through this whole process myself and come out the other side (even though the learning never stops). 

I know exactly what it’s like not to understand a thing, to stare at endless verb charts, and to struggle to put three words together. And what it’s like to be an English speaker trying to make sense of Spanish. 

I’ve also learned that learning can be a lot more engaging, efficient, and fun than what most of us experience in traditional classrooms and popular apps.

I love sharing what I’ve learned about Spanish and about effective language learning — with the goal of helping simplify Spanish, so you can speak confidently faster. You can read more about me here, or check out more of my free Spanish lessons here.

All that’s standing between you and being a confident Spanish speaker is a small amount of focused effort each day. Take the first step by joining the free Spanish Jumpstart course below. 

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