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Don’t let your accent hold back your fluency. This guide will teach you 5 keys to sounding more natural and smooth in your Spanish pronunciation.

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What’s keeping you from using your Spanish?

Tell me if this describes you…

  • You’re highly motivated but are feeling stuck
  • You enjoy independent learning, but are juggling too many resources
  • You understand slow/medium speed Spanish, but get lost when listening to “fast Spanish”
  • You’re eager to use all the Spanish you’ve learned, but feel tongue tied
  • You value efficiency and effectiveness (and are feeling frustrated with apps)
  • You want to enjoy your learning — not slog through it
  • You want both structure and flexibility, guidance and autonomy in your learning

If you identify with some of the points above, you’re in the right place.

In my Saturday Spanish newsletter, YouTube videos and courses, I share simple strategies based in research and my own background as an experienced learner of four languages (including Spanish).

You’ll learn to unlock the skills you’ve been building and start speaking Spanish with more confidence, ease, fluidity and authenticity.

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Speak Spanish with more confidence and ease

Like you, I’m a non-native Spanish speaker. At Breakthrough Spanish, I use my 15+ years of learning experience to share simple strategies to help you remember, understand, and speak more Spanish

You don’t have to be a language genius to get fluent in Spanish. You need dedication, a learning strategy that you enjoy, and the confidence to speak.

My goal is to give you those tools so you can reach your next breakthrough.

– Connor Kane · (you can read more about me here)