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Is your pronunciation holding back your Spanish?

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

You don’t feel like yourself when you’re speaking Spanish
You feel like a tourist (despite having spent years learning Spanish)
You’re spending hours and hours on Duolingo but struggling to understand and be understood
You keep quiet in groups because you don’t love how you sound
You get replies in English (even when your grammar is correct)
You’ve dug for hours on YouTube to learn how to deal with R’s, LL’s, D’s and more, but ended up more confused by unclear, conflicting information.
Your teacher understands you, but native speakers often ask you to repeat yourself
You feel insecure about your accent
Speaking feels daunting because you don’t love how it sounds when it comes out
Reading menus is a guessing game (and then they ask if you want the English menu)

Here’s the problem:

Popular apps and traditional Spanish classes barely scratch the surface on pronunciation.

They toss in the basics at the start and expect you to just ‘pick it up’.

The result?

Mountains of words and conjugations — but you still feel like a nervous tourist when you speak (Especially when they ask you to repeat yourself, or worse, reply in English).

This is a frustrating place to be after spending so many hours trying to learn (I know, I’ve been there myself).

It can leave you feeling discouraged, stuck, unsure or insecure about the way you say things.

When you lack self-confidence, you avoid speaking.

But to finally speak fluent Spanish, you need pronunciation that makes you want to speak more — not less.


The Confident Spanish Pronunciation Course

The comprehensive, step-by-step way to build a Spanish accent you’re proud of.

You don’t need to be perfect. You just want to be clear, natural sounding, and at ease, and you don’t want it to take years of trial and error.

You’ve put in lots of hard work already.

My goal is to help you can unlock that hard work so you can start having relaxed, authentic conversations with Spanish speakers.

You’ll develop a polished accent that gets you the compliments and confidence you deserve — without the years of trial, error, confusion, and conflicting information.

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The Confident Spanish Pronunciation Method:

Clear, Concise, Structured Training

Build your awareness and transform your ear through 70+ succinct, example-filled, research-backed lessons.

Learn By Doing

Through the “Pronunciation Gym”, you’ll use five weeks worth of daily exercises to turn what you learn into automatic habits that let you speak with more ease and flow.

Support & Connection

Get your questions answered and connect with other motivated Spanish learners via the community part of the course.

Learners who’ve improved their pronunciation

Start Building Confident Spanish Pronunciation Today

You can learn piles of words and grammar, but if you feel uncertain about how you say things, you’ll never speak fluently. Make your pronunciation an asset you’re proud of, that helps you speak more Spanish, and gets you the compliments you deserve.

Learn great spanish pronunciation today

Step-by-Step Progress

You’ll learn to master the sounds of Spanish in context, through engaging, succinct lessons.
(If you like my YouTube videos, you’ll love how it’s structured).

Get more compliments on your Spanish

Hearing “Wow! Tu español es excelente” never gets old

Make great pronunciation automatic

So you can speak with more flow and less effort

Stop wasting time digging for answers online

No more getting confused about the different ways to pronounce LL, Y, S, D, C, Z, etc.

Feel like an intelligent Spanish-speaking version of yourself

So you can focus on your message (not doubt yourself mid-sentence or worry if you’re being understood)

Sharpen your listening skills

Tuning your ear to the sounds of Spanish means you’ll understand “fast Spanish” sooner

Connor at Breakthrough Spanish

¿Qué tal? Soy Connor

Your non-native pronunciation coach.

That’s right. Like you, I learned Spanish the hard way — on purpose. Having been in your shoes means I can explain things in a way that makes sense to other English speakers.

As Spanish learners, we put in hundreds (or thousands) of hours of hard work. Sometimes, despite that work, we still can’t communicate confidently.

Pronunciation is the skill that unlocks that hard work. It lets you relax and just focus on your message, knowing you’ll be well-understood.

Confident Spanish Pronunciation

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A clear plan to follow

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A system to keep you focused and track

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