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Build pronunciation that makes you want to speak more Spanish — not less.

Imagine you want to learn to play the piano. Excited, you start your first lesson and watch the teacher play beautifully.

You need to practice at home, so you buy a second-hand piano.


You get it home and start practicing.

You’re playing exactly what the teacher showed you, but it just sounds off. Frustrated, you realize something is wrong.

You can’t put your finger on it, so you keep practicing. Maybe it’ll start sounding better.

At the next class, you show off what you’ve been practicing.

You hit the right notes, but the teacher doesn’t even recognize the song. Your confidence is shot. Chances are, you may give up on the whole piano thing entirely.

frustrated at piano

It’s just not fun like this.

But what if it wasn’t what you were playing, but how.

What if your piano wasn’t quite tuned right? And so instead, that teacher paused and showed you how to tune your keys.

learning to tune piano

Suddenly everything you know sounds better, and you haven’t even learned any new songs.

Encouraged by the feedback, playing becomes fun again. You take on more complex pieces, and this new motivation pushes your learning forward.

As a Spanish learner, speaking and understanding are the biggest challenges you face.

Just stringing a sentence together requires about 20 things to happen simultaneously. And understanding native speakers means processing sentences that sound like a machine gun.

That’s where the power of pronunciation comes in.

Anyone can speak Spanish with the sounds of their own language — “English with Spanish words”.

But even a casual dip into the sounds of the language will make your Spanish more useful and comprehensible to native speakers.

And if you invest consistent practice into your pronunciation, your Spanish will just flow better. It will be in tune. You will feel at ease speaking. You will be confident in the knowledge that your Spanish is clear, natural and easy to understand.

This course will help you do exactly that. You’ll build the sounds, rhythm and flow of the language into your own Spanish, little by little.

Don’t let shaky pronunciation kill your confidence

Discouraged Spanish learners reach out to me all the time with situations like these…

“I get so frustrated when I try to speak and my husband’s family doesn’t understand” 

“Native speakers speak way too fast — they’ve moved on in the story and I’m still trying to work out the first sentence.”

“I focus so much on what the next word will be that I can’t keep anything else in my head” 

“I hear a difference between how I sound vs. a native speaker, but I can’t figure what exactly causes it”

“I can’t  figure out how to focus on pronunciation while staying relaxed!” 

“I just want to feel comfortable speaking”

Great pronunciation makes everything else easier

It’s like making sure your piano is tuned and your hands move with the right technique.

Sharpened Listening Skills

It’s like putting Spanish on 0.8x speed.

Genuine Confidence

No more hesitation or confusion. Clear communication that gets you compliments.

Authentic Interactions

Watch the language barrier disappear as people reply to you in Spanish, not English.

The more you train your pronunciation, the smoother you’ll feel and the more you’ll understand. 

To get there, you need more than just a list of the sounds and how to say them.

You need…

  1. Motivation
  2. Clear guidance & structure
  3. Consistent speaking practice

Confident Spanish Pronunciation will give you that… without burdening you with linguistics jargon or boring you with meandering lessons.

course structure ipad

Instead, you’ll learn by doing. The succinct lessons have enough information to get you oriented — then you’ll put what you learn into context right away.

Everything in Spanish pronunciation is interconnected. That’s why you’ll build your skills in 5 core areas, each of which builds upon the previous.

The course has dozens of instructional videos plus daily exercises – thoughtful, strategic practice that helps you implement what you learn gradually.

You’ll get solutions to questions like…

Why can’t I pronounce words like ‘alrededor’ or ‘guitarra’?

Why do people respond to me in English?

Why do my vowels sound off despite knowing how to say them?

Why can’t Spanish speakers understand me?

Why do I get so anxious about speaking?

Why does Spanish sound so fast?

Here’s how the course works

Self-paced, instant access

5 chapters

60+ HD video lessons

5 weeks worth of daily exercises to practice what you learn.

Community of motivated learners to ask questions, share tips and celebrate progress

CSP Course visual

01. Build Authentic Rhythm

Understand what’s behind the individual sounds of Spanish — the personality of the language.

Build the scaffolding you need for great pronunciation. Onto that structure, you’ll be able to add all the individual sounds of the language.

02. Strengthen Your Vowel Foundation

Great Spanish starts with great vowels. They really are that important.

Learn how to master them in any situation and give your pronunciation a solid foundation.

03. Conquer “False friend” Consonants

These subtle sounds sabotage the pronunciation of many learners.

They act the same — but pronounced the “English” way, they hurt your ability to pronounce the rest of the sounds.

Learn to nail them so your Spanish sounds work together instead of fighting against each other.

04. Crack the Trickiest Consonants

Certain consonant clusters are a minefield for learners. Especially those that involve the letter R.

We build up to this by forming a strong foundation in the other sounds of Spanish. With those in position, you’ll be set up for success.

Through gradual practice, you’ll learn how to handle the tapped and rolled R in any context.

05. Make Your Spanish Flow

Learn to understand Spanish speakers better by recognizing how words combine.
Then, build it into your own speech to give your Spanish a natural flow.

Hear from fellow participants

Connor at Breakthrough Spanish

Meet Your Instructor

¿Qué tal? I’m Connor Kane.

I’m the creator of Breakthrough Spanish. My goal is to simplify Spanish so you can speak confidently faster.

To me, if you want great Spanish, there’s no better place to start than your pronunciation.

I started learning Spanish over 15 years ago. I grew up speaking just English, and started my Spanish journey from scratch like you probably did.

Accents and pronunciation are my favorite part about Spanish. I’ve always been fascinated.

Over the years, I cobbled together strategies to make my own pronunciation sound natural and feel effortless.

I love sharing what I’ve learned along the way. My goal with this course is to show you how pronunciation can push your Spanish forward — not hold it back.

What to expect

Take Action

This is not a “sit back and relax” course — it’s 30% active learning, 70% (guided) action.

No Fluff

This course gives you exactly what you need to make real progress on this one specific goal.

Simple & Practical

Listen, learn and follow the step-by-step instructions — no guesswork.

100% Self-Paced

This course has no official start date or end date. Once you enroll, you have access for as long as you need.
If life gets busy, you can set it aside and revisit it when you have time.

(If you’d like more personalized guidance and accountability, you can sign up for the “Coaching” option).

Your Enrollment Includes

Lifetime access to:
60+ videos
5 weeks worth of daily exercises
Any course updates

6-month access to:
The community

Step-by-step video lessons

Daily speaking & listening exercises

Community of motivated learners

Confident Spanish Pronunciation

Course Curriculum

Ch 0. Orientation

01. Welcome
02. Your baseline
03. What to expect
04. Who says? (Sources cited)
05. How to get the most out of this course
06. Lasting motivation
07. Foolproof habits
08. Assess yourself
09. How to practice

Ch 1. Authentic Spanish Rhythm

01. The personality of Spanish
02. How stress works
03. Stress placement: when, where, why
04. Stress sentences like a Spanish speaker
05. Mastering Spanish rhythm
06. Spanish intonation
07. Embracing an identity

Ch 2. Strengthen Your Vowel Foundation

01. Set the stage for great vowels
02. Demystifying vowel rules
03. Why vowels matter
04. Strong vowels are “UTS”
05. Where your vowels live
06. Analysis of each vowel sound
07. Practice consistent vowels
08. Vowel combos made simple
09. Put it into practice

Ch 3. False Friend Consonants

01. Deceptive consonants
02. Locate your consonants
03. To breathe or not to breathe?
04. The ‘gentle’ consonants
05. Mistakes you might be making
06. Explosive or not? P, T and K
07. The two faces of B, D and G
08. Decoding the D
09. The two G’s
10. The soft G
11. Bringing B, D and G together
12. Like a Spaniard? C, S and Z
13. So easy you might miss it: the L
14. Put it into practice

Ch 4. Cracking the Trickiest Consonants

01. Does the R really matter?
02. Art of the R
03. Tap your R (the easy way)
04. Mechanics of rolling your R
05. Start rolling your R (step-by-step)
06. Rolling your R: backup techniques
07. Creating space: TD & DR practice
08. Smoother combos: BR, FR, PR practice
09. Adding air: CR, GR, LR, NR, SR practice
10. Tap your R in context
11. Roll your R in context
12. Bring it all together (R & RR)
13. An alternative while you wait
14. Put it into practice

Ch 5. Make Your Spanish Flow

01. What’s behind “fast Spanish”?
02. The sound that kills your flow
03. Link like a poet
04. Vowel connections (practice)
05. Connect like a local
06. Put it into practice
07. Monologue breakdown

Bonus Module 6. Confident Spanish For Life

01. A routine you can stick with (keep improving)
02. Assess yourself & compare

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Complete pronunciation course: 60+ HD videos covering all aspects of Spanish pronunciation

Daily Guided Practice: Over 60 pronunciation exercises with daily “to-do’s”

Pronunciation Hotline: Ask questions and connect with other learners in our supportive community (6 month access)

✓ Instant access to all course material

✓ Clear instruction accessible on any device

✓ Email support from Connor

✓ Access to any future course updates

✓ 30 day money back guarantee

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A clear plan to follow

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