The simple approach to building conversational Spanish skills in months, not years

Get the skills, structure, support and confidence you need to learn effectively and start using your Spanish.
A small group course for motivated mid to upper beginners.

*The course is currently closed. Drop your email in above to get notified the next time it opens for enrollment.

I have been trying to learn Spanish for about 4 years. After working with Connor during this 6 week program, I feel much more confident and less intimidated by the process of learning Spanish. The tips and shortcuts that Connor shared let me make more progress in these 6 weeks than I had in the 4 years prior.
– Mary Elen

👋 Hey! I’m Connor. Thanks for being here.

There’s really only one reason you should read the rest of this page: you are committed to learning Spanish, and you need a way to finally make it happen.

Connor Kane, Spanish coach at Breakthrough Spanish

I know the feeling well. 

I’m not a native Spanish speaker. I grew up in a monolingual English speaking household in North Carolina with no Spanish-speaking family. 

I learned Spanish the long way — in school. 

I first made real progress when I stepped out of the classroom for a 3 week immersion program in Guatemala, followed by a year as an exchange student in Chile. 

I know exactly what it’s like not to understand a thing, to stare at endless verb charts, and to struggle to put three words together. And what it’s like to be an English speaker trying to make sense of Spanish. 

Back then, I spent all my time on grammar and thought the only way to build fluency was to live abroad (but how many people do you know who’ve lived abroad and don’t speak the language?). 

Fortunately, I wisened up and started learning how to learn

Since then, I’ve learned French, Portuguese, and German — the last one, entirely from home without ever visiting Germany. 

I’ve learned these languages not because I’m so smart, but because I have a practical approach based on 15 years of trial, error, and research that keeps me engaged. 

The good news is, my approach is not complicated. 

Here’s my philosophy: 

Learning Spanish should not be painful, boring, or a complex system involving 37 apps and a superhuman study routine.

What most people need is a clear plan to follow, a real person to give you feedback when you’re stuck or confused, and a system to help you stay on track.

That’s exactly what this program is.



Here’s something no one enjoys: learning Spanish for months (or years) and still feeling like you have zero practical ability to use it. I’ve been there myself, learning all the right tenses and rules but not being able to make simple small talk. 

The Traditional (Grammar-Centered) Approach

This is what you get in most classrooms. And the thing about this approach is that it feels like progress. After all, you do graduate from easier to more difficult grammar topics.

But how many people do you know who took Spanish in school for years and still can’t use it? You may have had that experience, too. 

The DIY Route

Maybe you’ve tried learning on your own — you’ve downloaded Babbel or bought Rosetta Stone, followed some content creators, gotten a book or two, and buckled down. But no single app, YouTube channel (including my own), podcast, or book is a complete solution. 

They can be part of the puzzle, but more often than not people end up with a bag full of tools and no instructions for assembly. 

Stop and Go

I call these approaches the “Traffic Jam Approach” because they tend to involve short bursts of progress followed by long periods of standing still.

To be clear:

Learning in formal schools or on your own is possible! There are tons of great teachers and resources out there. But they have some downsides:

1. Tuition, Commute, Rigidity

The right language school can be a good investment for the right learner.

But learning entirely through a school will add up to several thousand dollars and require driving to a class, learning at the pace of others, and learning only what the teacher has planned in their curriculum — which isn’t always what’s relevant to you individually.

2. DIYing takes time

You’re a busy adult with a life to live. The internet is a wealth of free information, but it comes at the cost of your time.

Rather than spending countless hours combing through blogs, YouTube, and reddit, why not skip the googling and spend that time improving your Spanish faster?

3. You lack agency as the learner

If you’ve ever thought, “I have no idea where to start”, or “I’m stuck and don’t know how to improve”, the problem isn’t your intelligence or knack for languages.

The problem is a lack of knowledge about how to tackle the learning challenges you face. Neither schools nor apps empower you as a learner to take charge of your learning outside the classroom or app.

And here’s the truth: most language learning happens outside the classroom.

We, the learners, are responsible for our own progress to a large degree.

But when you don’t learn how to learn, your progress is constrained by curriculums and algorithms.

The Breakthrough Spanish Way:
Simple, Effective, Empowering


My process is simple: learn the essentials you need to communicate, use what you know to get feedback, then repeat. 

I don’t believe in learning grammar “in order”, slogging through childrens’ books because they’re “simpler”, or memorizing all the vocabulary in Chapter 2 because it’s in Chapter 2.

I want you to focus on (A) the Spanish that you’re most likely to hear in conversation, and (B) the Spanish that’s relevant to you, your life, and your interests. 

And I want you to have real fun in the process so you feel energized to learn. 

Connor helped me create a motivating vision and a solid learning routine within a few weeks. I’m learning more Spanish every single day, and because I enjoy the process, I’m actually sticking to it.
– Ryan

Roadmap to Conversational 

Roadmap to Conversational turns you into a sharper Spanish learner while helping you build a foundation in the language. You’ll chop months (or years) off the learning curve and make progress long after this course is over. 

By focusing on ways of incorporating Spanish into things that I already enjoy, I am making much more progress and gaining more confidence. Instead of just studying vocab and verbs in some arbitrary order, I am learning the words and ways to use Spanish for my own life.
– Stev

A look inside the program:

Roadmap to Conversational is part live, part on-demand training. Here’s a quick look on the inside:

Everything you need on the path to conversational Spanish

The course is structured in 6 parts, designed to be consumed over 6 weeks (although you can go faster if you choose). It’s supported by a daily Here’s What To Do Today emails (so you never have to guess), weekly live conversation practice + Q&A, and tons of personal support.

Here are the 6 core modules:


Avoid distraction and indecision with a clear plan to follow every single day.

Leave the haphazard DIY and boring traditional approaches behind. Instead, uncover lasting motivation, build a sustainable learning routine, and engage with interesting, practical Spanish.

II. Pronunciation Made Simple

Develop clear, natural-sounding Spanish, and train your ear for better comprehension, even if you don’t think you have “the ear”.

Make your speech flow and feel more like yourself (a Spanish-speaking version of yourself!). Get one-on-one coaching and feedback on your pronunciation.

III. Build a Vocabulary for Your Life

Stop learning words you don’t need.

Create a fun, simple system to make Spanish words stick for the long run and connect to other words so you can actually use them (if you’ve ever repeated a word 20 times only to forget it, you know the frustration).

IV. At–Home Immersion

Start understanding native speaking friends, family, neighbors, waiters, coworkers, clients and more.

Exercises, strategies, and breakdowns to help you understand fast Spanish. Learn from content you enjoy, from the comfort of home, and improve your comprehension over time.

V. Grammar-on-Demand

A stress-free approach to grammar.

Spanish isn’t math, and getting it 100% right is not our goal. Internalize grammar in context, from content you like. Express yourself in the past, conditional and future without waiting years until you “get there”, and without staring at endless conjugation tables.

VI. Step–by–step fluency

Build fluency in small steps (rather than waiting for it to magically appear).

We’ll ease into speaking so it’s not intimidating, building your skills and confidence gradually. Learn how to find patient, friendly, reliable conversation partners, and how to make the most of those sessions.

“Get Unstuck” Community

Never get stuck wondering, “I don’t know how to improve.” Get answers, personalized advice, share wins & motivation, and connect with others in a helpful, tight-knit community.

Breakthrough Café

This course is part recorded training and part live. The live sessions will be dynamic based on what you and other participants need and want.

Think part Q&A, part conversation gym for easing into speaking practice

Here’s more of what’s included:

A cohort of like-minded learners for support and camaraderie
The thousands of words you already know in Spanish (and how to guess them)
The simple way to connect your words like a native speaker (and understanding why Spanish sounds so fast)
How to make new words stick by understanding the 3 stages of memory
A 10-min a day system for learning and reviewing vocabulary
How to place the emphasis in the right syllable, every time
A simple approach to start rolling your R’s
How to turn any piece of video or written content into learning material for free
A 5-step approach to make sense of any grammar rule
How to build confidence for “small talk Spanish”
How to force social media algorithms to show you only Spanish content
A simple approach to improve your speaking through writing

I’m actually quite astonished at how much I understand when I hear people speak. I really can pick up the majority of what’s being talked about, it’s very cool. So surprised that all of a sudden it’s making sense in my mind, vs. a month ago listening and saying ‘what??’
– Louis

The Logistics

Start Date: Next cohort TBD
Live Q&A / Conversation Practice: Mondays & Thursdays for one hour, exact time TBD based on group’s availability.
“Office Hours”: Mondays & Thursdays 2pm – 5pm EST (you can schedule 1-on-1 help for anything needed)
Video Modules: These will be available anytime; ideally, you’ll consume one module per week over 6 weeks [~45-60 min/week].
How much time do I need? You will need 30-45 minutes a day. More will help you progress faster, but I recommend against doing more than 90 minutes a day to avoid burning out.

You don’t need “The Language Gene”

Stop wasting time with ineffective strategies that make you feel like you’re “too bad at languages”, “too old”, or “too busy”.
Leave the endless tables behind. Learning should be an engaging challenge — NOT based on mindless repetition and rote memorization.
Stop commuting to class. Fit Spanish into your routine (even with work and kids), while still getting the support & structure you need.
Stop downloading random apps that don’t compliment your goals. Focus on what’s necessary, remove the rest.

“Connor has kept me on my toes with daily practice and interesting lessons that have kept my interest at its peak. Along with the class assignments, Connor includes other resources of learning and/or focus that prove very helpful in order to (PARA) ease into everyday Spanish speaking. This is an intensive workshop so be prepared to do your homework! I am enjoying it very much.” 
– Cameron

*The course is currently closed. Drop your email in above to get notified the next time it opens for enrollment.

“I want to tell you that I very much enjoyed the class. I think you have a great teaching style and your presentations were excellent. The information that you conveyed was very valuable. You have tremendous insight into language learning and you did a great job sharing really good motivation, tips and tricks, etc.”
– Scott

“Breakthrough Spanish and, especially the Roadmap to Conversational Spanish course have been excellent learning tools and resources for me in my Spanish learning journey. Roadmap to Conversational Spanish offered a comprehensive and thorough presentation of Spanish learning through 6 modules over 6 weeks. An email each day addressed the topics in the current week’s module and links to additional resources. Bi-weekly meetings stressed conversation and allowed for questions and further instruction. The instructor, Connor Kane, is very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. His desire to assist Spanish learners, like me, in achieving their goal of fluency is most genuine. Muchas gracias, Connor!”
– Mary English

My Personal Guarantee (30 day money back)

You’ll learn practical Spanish while building the skills you need to stop spinning your wheels and start having real conversations. You have 30 days from joining to go through all the training. If you decide that it isn’t worth your investment, or you’re otherwise not satisfied, send me an email and I’ll refund you within one day.

9 Complimentary Bonuses

On top of everything else inside Roadmap to Conversational, you’ll have complimentary access to these valuable bonuses:

Office Hours

Each week, I reserve time on my calendar for you to schedule 20 minute private coaching calls with me (as many as you need!)

Spanish for Introverts

Starting to speak can be intimidating.

These Smart Conversational Prompts help you start to build proficiency from anywhere, anytime, without speaking to anyone else (useful for all learners, even extroverts).


There’s tons of amazing content out there for learners for free. Knowing where to look and how to find it is the hard part.

The Content Catalog is a curated collection of only the most worthwhile Spanish resources for building your listening comprehension skills.

Stop scrolling, start learning.

Pronunciation Pro

1-on-1 pronunciation & accent training. Implement the course’s pronunciation training and get prompt feedback from me on concrete ways to avoid the tourist-giveaways and develop clear, expert-level Spanish pronunciation.

The “Useful Words Only” Vocabulary Expander

If you’ve ever wondered how to prioritize your vocabulary efforts, look no further.

The 500 most common words in spoken Spanish (hand-edited for usefulness and written into context by yours truly), built into custom smart flashcards that simplify every part of the learning process.

Conversational Connectors Expansion Pack

Learn to sound more fluent — even when you’re not.

Level up your speech with the connector phrases, filler words, and sentence starts that Spanish speakers use in everyday life.

The “Anti-Honeymoon Phase” Accountability System

At some point while learning Spanish, the excitement will wear off and you’ll realize enthusiasm isn’t a learning strategy.

If that happens during the course, you’ll be held accountable through biweekly check-ins and daily emails that tell you exactly what to do and keep you on track.

60 Day

My goal is to turn you into such an effective learner that you don’t need me anymore. This is the first step in that master plan.

After the course, you’ll get a simple learning plan (exactly what to do each day) to keep you on track for months.

Conversational Confidence Challenge

Your first conversation is a big milestone. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in your learning, but it can be scary (it definitely was for me).

At the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll hopefully feel comfortable and familiar enough with me that the idea of a 1-on-1 chat in Spanish won’t seem intimidating at all. We’ll chat for half an hour and start building the conversation chops (and confidence) that will help you when speaking with native speakers

Here’s what you get:

Roadmap to Conversational Course, Community and Live Sessions: $797
Office Hours on-demand private coaching: $197
Spanish for Introverts: $47
Content Catalog: $47
Pronunciation Pro: $197
The “Useful Words Only” Vocabulary Expander: $97
Conversational Connectors Shortcut: $47
The “Anti-Honeymoon Phase” Accountability System: $197
3 Month Learning Blueprint: $97
Conversational Confidence Challenge: $47

Total Value = $1820

You Get Everything: $1820


*The course is currently closed. Drop your email in above to get notified the next time it opens for enrollment.

Lifetime Access


In my experience, life at some point gets in the way of even the most diligent Spanish learners. If that happens during the official 6 week course period, don’t worry — you’ll have access to all the course material when you are ready and able to come back to it. 

Or, as happens with almost anything we learn, we forget a certain percentage of it. Roadmap to Conversational will be here for you to come back and reference. 

And I’m always adding to it and improving it, so you may come back to find new training, exercises, or inspiration.

Who is Roadmap to Conversational for?

Self motivated learners who want to learn Spanish quicker and more efficiently (but who understand that, like anything worthwhile in life, learning takes time and effort)
False Beginners who have previously studied Spanish but have forgotten a good amount, or have studied French/Italian/Portuguese and recently started (re)learning Spanish
Upper beginners who have been learning for a few months, but don’t feel confident using Spanish or feel stuck or stagnant in their progress, and would like to start building speaking confidence

Learn the Spanish that’s relevant to your life, on your terms

Once you know how to learn, it’s simpler than you think.

It doesn’t involve a dozen apps, 4 notebooks and thousands of dollars in courses. It’s about doing less, but doing things consistently and in a focused way.

The result is that you can take charge of your own learning and can learn based on your goals.

What does speaking Spanish mean to you? 

I’ve worked with people who are retiring to Mexico, need Spanish at work, traveling to Colombia or Argentina, or just want to be able to chat with Spanish speaking neighbors in Santa Barbara or the Bronx. 

Regardless of your reasons, I don’t need to convince you of the value of building confident Spanish skills. 

I do need to convince you that now is the time to take action. 

So here’s why, in my view: Picture yourself a year from now.

In that time, you can either make serious progress, or find yourself at the end repeating the old refrain — ”I really should finally learn Spanish.”

Time will pass whether you make Spanish a priority or not. Your future self will thank you for starting today.

You have two options

  1. You can close this page and go back to doing things the old way. And look — there’s no one perfect way to learn. You can eventually make progress through many approaches. But for most people, the old way means going back to grammar-first classrooms, DIY trial and error, random app downloads, and a stop-and-go approach where you never feel a true sense of progress.

  2. Or, you can join Roadmap to Conversational. It’s not a magic bullet. What it is, is a clear system based on research, my experiences learning 4 languages, and backed by a support system that won’t let you fail. 

I’d love to work with you, and I hope to see you inside Roadmap to Conversational.

*The course is currently closed. Drop your email in above to get notified the next time it opens for enrollment.

P.S. Want to know what’s more important than natural ability when it comes to learning Spanish? Consistent, focused effort over time. Learning isn’t complicated, but it takes effort. 

What’s standing between you and being a confident Spanish speaker is a small amount of focused effort each day. It’s your turn to start becoming a Spanish Speaker.

Having someone holding me accountable while I was making learning a language a habit helped me to not give up when it got difficult like I had done in the past. It was really great to learn from someone else who had been through the process and was not a native speaker – Connor understands what works and what the tricky parts are because he has been through it himself! 
– Mary Ellen

I highly recommend Connor as a Spanish coach! He patiently guided me through my first foray into Spanish learning and personalized my approach so that it was effective, efficient, and fun! Most importantly, he has continued to hold me accountable to my goals and keep me motivated. After years and years of saying, “I should learn Spanish” I am finally doing it! Thank you, Connor!
– Sonia

This 6 week course is indeed a Breakthrough Challenge that has helped get me on the beam to continue studying. Thank you so much, Connor!
– Cameron