Breakthrough Spanish

Become a More Confident Spanish Speaker in 6 weeks

Learn how to learn. Become a more effective Spanish learner for life.

Build your speaking skills through real-world context and engaging conversations, not textbooks and drills.

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Currently closed for enrollment.
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So your Spanish feels stuck…

You’ve been learning Spanish for a while now. You know lots of words, can understand it when it’s spoken slowly and clearly, and you know a good amount of grammar.

But when it comes to speaking, it feels like you’re stuck. You want to have conversations, but:

  • You often freeze up when trying to form sentences
  • Speaking with others is nerve-wracking
  • It feels impossible to keep up with “fast Spanish
  • You feel stuck at a lower intermediate level, unsure how to break through to conversational Spanish

Now you need a way to put the pieces together

You’ve got a good foundation, but so far, all those skills you’ve built aren’t adding up to the conversation skills you’re aiming for.

Over 15 years ago, I started learning Spanish. I grew up in a monolingual English-speaking household and started my journey from zero, like you probably did.

Since then, I’ve lived, studied and worked in Latin America, and used my experience with Spanish to learn 3 other languages.

I’ve learned a lot about Spanish — and effective language learning — over the years.

Roadmap to Conversational is an interactive course that shares everything I know about building confident Spanish skills.

Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll break through to the next level via structured conversation practice and weekly lessons that help you become a savvier, more effective Spanish learner for life.

You’ll leave with Spanish skills you can actually use, and a strategic but flexible learning strategy that works for the long run.

How It Works:

Weekly Themes & Structure

Each Sunday of the course, you’ll get access to a new set of video modules and an action list, telling you exactly what to do each day that week.

The video lessons are built around a specific skill you need to master in Spanish: Long-term vision, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Listening, Grammar, and Speaking. 

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During the week, you’ll put those new skills into practice with real-world content (no textbooks).

All of this will build up to our weekly small group conversation practice, structured specifically around the things you’ve been practicing.

There are two 60-minute conversation sessions each week. One is semi-structured. The other is more flexible, focused around your questions about the learning process. Both will be all in Spanish (with plenty of patience — we’re all learning!).

Accountability & Feedback

Get unstuck and stay on track with regular check-ins.

Absorb new vocabulary with an ongoing group document from our chats.

Get questions answered, share wins & motivation, and connect with other learners at your level in a helpful, private group chat.


Get the structure and support you need to learn effectively and start using your Spanish.

Get private feedback on writing, pronunciation and more.

I’m available throughout to answer your questions, give you personalized guidance, and share tips in live Q&As. 

Hear From Past Participants

In Just 6 Weeks:

01. Build clearer Spanish pronunciation

Develop natural-sounding Spanish and train your ear for better comprehension. Get one-on-one coaching and feedback on your pronunciation.

02. Increase your vocabulary — and improve how you retain it

Learn to make new words stick — and connect to other words so you can actually use them.

03. Start understanding native speakers

Improve your comprehension and learn from content you enjoy — so you can finally use Spanish with the people in your life.

04. Acquire grammar the stress-free way

Learn a practical, communication-first approach to building grammar skills. Clear Spanish, without staring at endless conjugation tables.

05. Build fluency step-by-step

Build your skills and confidence gradually in a pressure-free environment so you can approach conversations with native speakers without the nerves.

06. Take charge of your Spanish progress

Focus your efforts, stay motivated, build a sustainable learning routine, and engage with interesting, practical Spanish.

Save time &
have fun learning

Build the skills to learn effectively

Get flexibility &
personal guidance

Learn grammar in context
(no textbooks)

Practice speaking in a friendly environment

Stick to your goals

Currently closed for enrollment.
If you are interested in joining the course in the future, please fill out the brief application on this page.

Conversation Group

Each week, we’ll hold two hour-long sessions in Spanish.

On Mondays, we’ll focus on answering your questions about the learning process and the language itself.

On Thursdays, we’ll have a specific topic of conversation. Every day leading up to each Thursday, you’ll know exactly how to prepare for that conversation thanks to our daily “To-Do” document, so you feel confident going into the chat.

A Heads Up

This is not a traditional language course built around grammar learning goals.

Instead, we’ll use real world content as our primary learning material, and treat grammar as a tool, not the end goal.

Roadmap to Conversational will turn you into a smarter Spanish learner while building your practical language skills and conversational confidence.

It will take work (as you already know) — please be ready to commit at least 30 minutes a day.

The Logistics

Start Date: 20 min group welcome call on Friday, April 5th, 2024 at 12pm EST
Small Group Conversation: All in Spanish. Mondays and Thursdays at 12pm EST.
Video Course: Released gradually over the 6 weeks [~45-60 min/week]. Watch these at your own pace.
Daily Practice: You’ll know exactly what to do each day, and it’ll take 30-45 minutes.

Please plan to join the live conversation practice, as this is a key part of your success.

6 Complimentary Bonuses

On top of everything else inside Roadmap to Conversational, you’ll have complimentary access to these valuable bonuses:

1-on-1 Feedback

Get private, timely feedback on any text or audio you send me during the program. I’ll share corrections ways you can improve.

Spanish for Introverts

Smart Conversational Prompts that help you build proficiency from anywhere, anytime, without speaking to anyone else.

Pronunciation Pro

1-on-1 pronunciation & accent training. Get targeted feedback from me on how to best improve your pronunciation.

The “Useful Words Only” Vocabulary Expander

The 2000 most common words in spoken Spanish (narrowed down for usefulness and written into context by Connor), built into custom smart flashcards that simplify vocabulary building.


Learn to sound more fluent — even when you’re not. Connector phrases, filler words, and sentence starters that Spanish speakers use in everyday life.

90 Day

A simple learning plan (exactly what to do each day) to keep you on track for 3 months after the course and build your skills in a structured way.

Enroll in

Roadmap to Conversational

Enrollment Includes

✓ Full course curriculum

✓ Weekly small-group conversation practice

✓ Weekly live Q&As

✓ 6 weeks of daily step-by-step practice

✓ Lifetime access to the course material

✓ 1-on-1 feedback & support from Connor

✓ Week-by-week video course

✓ Dozens of speaking & listening exercises

✓ Clear instruction accessible on any device


(Currently closed for enrollment.
If you are interested in joining the course in the future, please click ‘Apply’ below.)

By applying, you’ll hear first when RTC opens back up for enrollment.

Everything you get access to:

One-on-one and group support

Get the support you need in weekly group Q&As and on a daily basis via our group chat and private messages.

Video Training

Weekly videos will teach you the skills you need to become a more effective learner — long after you complete this course.

Daily Learning Plan

No guessing what to do each day. Each day, you’ll have a simple set of exercises that helps you implement what you learn and prepare for our conversation sessions.

Tight-knit community

Connect with, learn from and improve alongside other motivated learners at your level.

Lifetime Access to Course Materials


In my experience, life gets in the way of even the most diligent Spanish learners. If that happens during the official 6–week course period, don’t worry — you’ll have access to all the course material when you are ready and able to come back to it. 

Or, as happens with almost anything we learn, we forget a certain percentage of it, Roadmap to Conversational will be here for you to come back and reference. 

I’m always adding to it and improving it, so you may come back to find new training, exercises, or inspiration.

Who is this course for?

Lower intermediate learners who feel stuck or stagnant in their progress, and would like to start building speaking confidence. If you’re struggling to bridge the gap between the Spanish in your head and real communication skills, I made this course for you.
Highly-motivated learners who want to learn Spanish more effectively (but who understand that, like anything worthwhile in life, learning takes time and effort)
Learners with a solid foundation in Spanish who can understand everyday language when spoken clearly and slowly
Learners who are eager to push themselves and break out of the app/textbook rut, and instead learn how to use authentic Spanish-language content as learning material

Who is this course not for?

Lower beginners / False beginners / A1 level. If you haven’t spent much time with Spanish yet, this course will not be right for your level just yet. I’d encourage you to seek out a course that helps you build a strong foundation. Roadmap to Conversational is built to help turn that foundation into conversation skills.
Very advanced learners. If you carry on Spanish conversations with ease, and already feel quite confident speaking, the conversation sessions are likely to feel too slow for you.
Learners who are dabbling in Spanish. This course will take 30-60 minutes per day. If life is too busy right now, you’ll benefit more by waiting until you can make Spanish a priority.

Questions? I’d love to hear from you:

A clear plan to follow

A real person to give you feedback

A system to help you stay on track.

Breakthrough Spanish

Become a more confident Spanish speaker