I help other English speakers speak practical Spanish with confidence.

About Me

Hey! My name is Connor Kane. I’m the Spanish coach behind everything you see on this site. I’ve spent the last 15 years learning and using my Spanish.

Now I use that experience to help beginners simplify the path to Spanish conversations.

Learning a new language can be overwhelming and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. I help simplify Spanish, so you can speak confidently faster.

Connor Kane, Spanish coach at Breakthrough Spanish

3 ways I can help you:

The Saturday Spanish Newsletter

Every Saturday, you’ll get 1 tip to help you become a more skillful, effective Spanish learner. Free lessons & strategies you won’t get anywhere else.

Spanish Pronunciation Course

Build confident Spanish pronunciation in 10 minutes a day. A practical, guided, in-depth course to sound and feel more natural when speaking Spanish.

Roadmap to Conversational

A small-group course for upper beginner/lower intermediate learners. Get the skills, structure, support and confidence you need to learn effectively and start using your Spanish.

Become a more skillful Spanish learner

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