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When I work, sometimes I like to listen to these relaxing ambient noise soundtracks on YouTube.

They have hilariously specific names like, “1940s sitting in bed reading while there’s a party downstairs (Oldies from another room, chatter)”.

The problem is, now my YouTube feed is full of this stuff. My recommendations are 90% background music loops.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this, too. You watch one video on how to fix your weedwacker and all of a sudden your feed is full of lawncare tips.

But what if you could use this to your advantage when learning Spanish?

Today, I’ll show you exactly how.

Once you train the algorithm, you get served fresh Spanish content all day, every day. You build Spanish into your life on autopilot.

Unfortunately, most people never take advantage of this — and as a result, never discover Spanish-language content they would love to watch.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to train YouTube (and the other platforms).

Here’s how, step by step:

Step 1: Create a new account in Google Chrome

Just search, “Create new Chrome account” and it’ll take you to the right page. 

This gives you a clean slate. YouTube has no clue what you like, so they start showing you the most popular content right now.

But with some training, it’ll only show you things in Spanish.

Step 2: Change your language & location preferences

In YouTube, click the icon with your initial at the top right.

Change language from English to Spanish, and location from yours to the Spanish-speaking country of your choice.

This should change your homepage to show mostly Spanish content.

How to change your language on YouTube
Change your language on YouTube
How to change your location on YouTube
Change your location on YouTube

Step 3: Search for topics you like (in Spanish)

Once your homepage is mostly Spanish, you can tell the algorithm what you like by clicking any video that interests you.

Or, to get the best stuff for you specifically, do this:

Pick an interest or two of yours. Type in a word in Spanish related that interest.

Let’s say you love trains. A simple search of mejores trenes or trenes de alta velocidad will get you started. Click on a few, and voilà, you’ve got a buffet of Spanish train content.

Youtube in Spanish

This works for any interest you can imagine.

So whether you like trains, or baking, or soap carving, or jogging, you can find things you care about and enjoy watching in Spanish.

You can get stuck in the “rabbit hole” and not even feel bad about it because you’re improving your Spanish!

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