Spanish phrases for the gas station

Spanish at the Gas Station: Everything You Need to Know

In many parts of Latin America, you don’t pump your own gas — there are attendants who work the pumps (las bombas). So if you’re driving in a Spanish speaking country, it pays to know some Spanish phrases for the gas station.  Gas Station Vocabulary with Regional Variations Spanish vocabulary can vary a lot from country to … Read More

Man listening to audio with headphones

How to Improve Spanish Listening | 3 FREE Tools

Understanding Spanish is hard. It takes a lot of practice. So if you’re struggling to understand Spanish, you are not alone.  In my experience, comprehension is the hardest part of a new language because there are so many different ways people can speak. It’s unpredictable! A million different factors (including origin, personality, mood) can influence … Read More

A woman jumping out of excitement

I Can’t Wait in Spanish: Express Excitement like a Native Speaker

In English, it’s common to say “I can’t wait” to express excitement. So when we go to speak Spanish, many English speakers translate that expression literally (I’ve done it too!). Trouble is, “I can’t wait” is an idiom — meaning you can’t quite translate it literally into Spanish. In fact, there are a range of translations … Read More

Un momento or uno momento? Which one do you say in Spanish?

Un momento or Uno momento? Which One is Right in Spanish?

In Spanish, the phrase uno momento is incorrect. Instead, un momento is used. This is because when “uno” precedes a masculine noun like el momento, it always loses the “o”. Saying uno momento rather than un momento is one of the most common grammar mistakes I hear from people who’ve studied a little Spanish in … Read More

Is it hard to learn Spanish in San Juan, Puerto Rico?

Is it Hard to Learn Spanish? 3 Key Factors to Know

Is it hard to learn Spanish? If your goal is to make yourself understood in simple interactions, the answer is no. In a relatively short period of time, you can learn enough to get by on a trip to Nicaragua or Argentina. If your goal is to express yourself fully with friends, family, or coworkers, … Read More

Guy trying to figure out how to pronounce something

15 Hard Words to Pronounce in Spanish & How To Pronounce Them (+ Video)

Want to know how to pronounce the trickiest, longest words in Spanish? Words like internacionalización and ornitorrinco, or even tongue twisters like tres tristes tigres tragan trigo en un trigal? There are some genuinely hard words to pronounce in Spanish. Here’s my breakdown of 15 of the hardest words in my experience, both teaching and … Read More

Downtown buenos aires

How to Be Polite in Spanish: 24 Useful Expressions

Being polite in Spanish isn’t too challenging. Let’s learn how. Imagine you are on the Metro and Mexico city. You need to get by all the people, so that you can get off. How do you politely What’s the best way to say, “Excuse me, I need to get by”? Or what if you want to … Read More

How do you learn Spanish faster? Here are 10 tips

How to Learn Spanish Faster: 10 tips (from my experience)

What’s the fastest way to learn Spanish? The short answer: immersion + focused daily effort. But immersion doesn’t have to mean moving to Colombia. Tons of people move abroad, find an English-speaking bubble, and live there for months or years without graduating from Spanish 1.  Living in a Spanish-speaking country can help, but it does … Read More